A medical facility operated and managed by the nuns and volunteers of Druk Amitabha Mountain for the benefit of the community under the direction of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa.

Background: Druk White Lotus Clinic

Written by Jigme Urgyen

|The idea to establish a clinic materialised when His Holiness became aware that many people from the region around Druk Amitabha Mountain where suffering needlessly often from easily treatable conditions such as headaches and common colds however quality, accessable medical treatment was always out of reach. There are approximetly VillagerBeingCarriedtoClinic750,000 inhabitants in this region, constituting a quarter of that of the greater Kathmandu. The area around Druk Amitabha Mountain is a series of valleys extending north west from Kathmandu. The inhabitants are simple farmers, families have been in existence for generations and they continue their simple life without the infrastructure that the Kathmandu valley has in place. To avoid having to travel and bear the cost of treatment, local remedies are sort from traditional healers. The situation often escalates into more severe problem, there have been recorded cases of people dying.

The three main impediments for quality medical service in this region are:

Transportation and Logistics. Often there is no direct access into the region, only walking tracks leading from village to village. People are carried in baskets by their relatives for hours or days to reach the nearest road, from there they will commute into Kathmandu. In the wet season the difficulty is three fold as the weather becomes inhospitable and the walking conditions become difficult.

Access to Medical Facilities.The nearest hospital is operated by, and primarily for military personnel, located in Chhauni about 3 hours walk from Druk Amitabha Mountain. Being admitted depends largely on your association with the military services. Other hospitals are further out in the valley, running at maxiumum ocupancy and wait times are long.

Costs. The financial burden is significant just the motorised transportation alone is far greater than what the typical family can afford. Often family members will take up temporary work closer to the Kathmandu valley, for instance crushing stones, transportation of goods or selling their own produce or livestock. It is not uncommon in emergency situation, the entire family is disposed to take up temporry work to cover medical expences.

The Druk White Lotus Clinic will work directly to address these issues, through services involved with making treatment and basic health care accessable to the inhabitants of this region. The vision and wishes of His Holiness will be finally be realised.

Last Updated on 20 June 2010